Like The Fire

Oct 25, 2018
Hello everyonw. Today is a feature of one of my flash fiction pieces, Like The Fire. Enjoy!

🥀 This story is copyrighted to Rachel Scarlet. Thefts or copies will be pursued & removed. 🥀

He wasn’t supposed to be here. But yet, here he was. There was nothing he could do about that simple fact. His feet were firmly planted on the volcanic ground. 

His nostrils flared as he inhaled the burnt air. The space around him was sweltering and something tasted gritty underneath his tongue.

As far as his eyes could see was smoke rising from the blackened ground. A few lines cracked the ground, bright orange lava gently pouring down the slant in the ground. 

Harris took another step. The gun barrel pressed even more into his back. 

He scratched his head and took a peek behind him. The girl still had that frown. It was a familiar frown and Harris couldn’t recall where he’d seen that frown before. Instead of returning his look he just turned up his lips into a mocking smile. Her eyes slitted and she raised her hand as if to slap him. But she stopped short, her eyes catching something ahead of Harris.

He turned his head around and balked at who was in front of him. 

Rachel Scarlet 2018 ©

It was his poor dear mother. She wasn’t supposed to be here. She was supposed to be safely tucked away in some group home for the elderly. Harris had been the youngest child out of eight children and he was the only one willing to care for her, but she at least wanted some independence.

Her graying long hair flowed behind her as a gust of wind came at his back. She was coming straight for them and she didn’t seem alarmed by the girl holding a rifle to his back. Instead, she didn’t look happy to see him at all.

“Aather.” His mother said as she stopped ten feet from us, jutting her chin out. 

Rather than her usual prim and pearls type of clothing, she was wearing rugged dark clothes, like she planned on being here in this tropical place of hell.

Then it finally dawned on Harris what she had said, she had called the name of the woman currently threatening his life. He was speechless.

“Meredith.” Aather said, Harris didn’t look to see if the frown went away because he could already tell it did with the way she shaped the words. She had anticipated her presence clearly. 

Harris’ stomach dropped. His knees went weak. Then his brain surged, he didn’t understand any of this at all. 

Rachel Scarlet 2018 ©

Meredith took her gloves off and came towards Harris, placing a hand gently on his cheek like she had done a million times before. But to Harris, this time it felt different, the touch of a Judas seared through his skin worse than the ground beneath his feet.

“I am sorry.” The woman who was his mother said, looking away, unable to look at her favorite son. She had several other sons to do this to and she chose him. 

Harris racked his mind and couldn’t find even a single reason as to why she would do this. He’d never done hardly anything in his life to severely displease his mother. He’d taken care of her since his father had died ten years prior. 

“Harris,” She said, almost as if offended that he would find this shocking or at the very be least be hurt. “It was either you or me.”

Then he heard the slightest movement behind him that meant that Aather had positioned her finger over the trigger. He closed his eyes, refusing his last look on this earth to be someone who he couldn’t trust despite it lasting only one second.

He thought he would hear the shot before his life was robbed of him. But he was wrong.

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