Preparing for a Big Adventure: Moving to a New State

Oct 21, 2018

Hello wonderful people. So… this is my first blog post on this blog. This blog post will cover what I am doing in order to prepare for a big adventure (moving across country!). I’ll be moving from boring Iowa to sunny Arizona with my family. My father got a new job in order for me and my mother’s health because of the harsh winters here. I’ve lived there before but moving to a new area I’ve never been before. I am looking forward to this move as I see it as a fresh start.

Preparing for a Big Adventure (Moving to a New State) |

Reinventing Myself

The last couple of years have been rough, and reflecting on them I see that I really need to hone in on what’s truly me. There’s a lot of crap I don’t want to be associated with anymore in leaving Iowa. So I made a huge list of all the ways I wish to reinvent myself. I’ll list a few below.

  • Finally dressing the way I wish to instead of just wearing “comfortable” clothes because of my health. So getting the lacy black kind of stuff I wore back in late junior high before my health went down hill. So it’s back to going to Goodwill, but this time I’ll add a touch of classy.
  • I’m going to challenge myself to be more outgoing. I’m more of an introverted person and used to be super shy, but I want to try to find some real, long-lasting friendships.
  • Become a more positive person. With health issues, and lots of other kinds of stress, I’ve noticed that I’ve turned into a more negative person. Well, I want that to change.
  • Learn better habits and skills. I want to take charge of my education despite not being in college or high school anymore. Just because one stops school doesn’t mean one should stop learning.

Preparing for a Big Adventure (Moving to a New State) |

Decluttering… Again

I’ve switched to a more minimalist lifestyle this past year, but before the move I really want to declutter again and will be doing so in the next few days. I want to leave behind what doesn’t match my reinvention ideals. Anything that has bad vibes, needs to go. Anything I don’t want to bring, goes. 

I’ve also done some digital decluttering, so getting rid of extra accounts, deleted my Facebook and Instagram, decluttered music, streamlined Trello, got an Asana account, deleted a bunch of files off computer, etc.

Preparing for a Big Adventure (Moving to a New State) |

Oh, the Large To Do List

  • End current bank account, get a new one (and for business banks as well)
  • Switch mailing boxes
  • Forward medical records
  • Get a new library card
  • Find a new church to attend

But that’s just a few of the things on the list. It’s the usual moving kind of stuff. I also sold my beloved hedgehog Paisley, as it felt like it had to happen because the move would have been rough but she went to a good home. 

Preparing for a Big Adventure (Moving to a New State) |

My GYST Week

So if you don’t know what GYST means it stands for (Get Your Sh*t Together). Normally, people have GYST days, but since my list is so large, I’ve put it into a week just so I don’t burn myself out because many of the single items take over an hour. They’re things from self-care (usually at the end), cleaning/decluttering, organizing, sorting through admin things such as paperwork, bills, goals, anything that’s been put aside on your to do list, etc.

So far I’ve spruced up my freelance gigs, organized my medications and made a new med list, created an organizational system for getting things done, did my laundry, made birthday presents for family members, filed and trimmed my nails, and a lot of other things. But there is still quite a bit to do. I want to make sure I’m on top of my life before moving so that reinvention and getting my goals done can come next.

Making a Plan for My Goals

So I’ve always wrote down my goals, but then they would get hidden in the notebooks. I never made a step by step plan along with a solid end date. So what I’ve done is list 5 major goals (like saving up money for a car, losing a certain amount of weight, making this much money with my business, etc). Then I started to write the steps into weekly chunks then daily. I will be slowly building myself up (especially with my exercises so I don’t get burnt out and have a flare up).

I will be sharing my progress on this blog, so be sure to keep a look out for those.

Preparing for a Big Adventure (Moving to a New State) |

A New Mindset

As I mentioned before, I can tend to be a negative sort of person. Daily, I am trying to switch my mindset around. When something negative comes up it either needs to stop or turn it into a positive situation. 

Preparing for a Big Adventure (Moving to a New State) |

This Blog

Yep! This blog is something I made sure I wanted to start before the move. It will be documenting a big step in my life as I try to move out of my parent’s house, adult, travel, and get into the field of millennial loving history and antiques. I think this blog will be great to look back on and see how far I’ve come. It's going to host everything along my writing journey. 

That’s a wrap. How did you like my very first blog post on this blog? Please give your answer in the comment section below so we can have a chat!

Oh, and be sure to check out my writing blog: Fire Up The Typewriter, if you’re a writer.

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Preparing for a Big Adventure (Moving to a New State) |
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