What He Sees

Jan 24, 2019
🥀 This story is copyrighted to Rachel Scarlet. Thefts or copies will be pursued & removed. 🥀

He didn’t mind the blood, despite it not coming from his own veins. The brittle wood snapped beneath his feet. The forrest seemed to be alive. The bark breathed. The moss sang. The air filled his lungs and blew against his crimson hands. 

The moment was ruined when he heard her call his name. He froze, his slippery hands gripping the jagged bark of a tree. And then, he did what he promised he wouldn’t do, he looked behind himself. 

She stood there, the knife still jutting out of her midsection. The lips that he tasted for so long, twitched into a smile. She didn’t know. But how could she?

Then she collapsed and he knew. 

He knew he would never get out of this forrest alive, for his crimson stained hands were guilty.  

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