The Mystery Castle & All Its Glory

Feb 20, 2019
What if there was an amazing house made of the most cheapest and unique materials? Well, that's what Mystery Castle in Phoenix, Arizona is! Join me as I go and tour this one hell of a building!

The Mystery Castle & All Its Glory | #MysteryCastle #ArizonaTravel

So I went with my dad (I cropped out his face for privacy reasons). We headed up to Phoenix for a concert that ended up getting canceled. 
The view was absolutely gorgeous! 

These were 800 year old hieroglyphs. 

The pictures above were the first room you enter as a tourist. It was the main living area. The builder, Boyce Luther Gulley (seen in the larger picture) even made the fireplaces himself. He moved down to South Mountain near Phoenix when he was diagnosed with TB, all without telling his wife and daughter. Construction on the house began in the 1930's with no record or log, all just kept alive by word of mouth.

These images above are from a bedroom that had a lot of pictures of the builder's daughter, Mary Lou who moved into the house after her father passed away, dragging her mother along with her. 

This was the kitchen area. The castle in a whole is made from very inexpensive and recycled items. In the picture directly above those aren't tiles but plates that come from a refrigerator set. 

Here's a load of outside pictures. There's a well that actually goes into the basement bar. 

In this room there's actually furniture made out of cacti! As well as more homemade fireplaces, a pull out bed, and more artwork.

They actually have weddings in this area and the brides leave at least on of their shoes.

This is the basement bar area beside the alligator above which is the trapdoor that Mary Lou opened after two years of living there as instructed by her father and found a whole bunch of neat things like 2 $500 bills.

Overall, this was one of the most amazing things I had seen. It was a lot of fun to go exploring and see all the creative ways the builder made his home out of. 

The Mystery Castle & All Its Glory | #MysteryCastle #ArizonaTravel

The Mystery Castle & All Its Glory | #MysteryCastle #ArizonaTravel

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