Hiya I'm Rachel. 👋

So what's to know about me? Well, I'm glad you asked.

I'm a fiction author under the sub-genre of horror known as quiet horror. This means that I provide creepy elements in a book without getting into the gore or intense scares. It's a bit more subtle and gothic in nature. I'll talk more about that below in my mission statement.

Now onto more about my writing. I've been writing since the age of eleven and have been pursuing it professionally for several years. I was published three times in the past under a different pen name, but that's all in the past now. I've come back after a deep depression with my life and writing and ready to take my writing by the reigns and command it!

I plan on submitting several short stories to various online publishers without an agent. And with my books I will be going the indie path. I'll be documenting my journey on this blog. For about writing tips and such I'm the blogger over at Fire Up The Typewriter. I'm also a hobby author as well, I don't plan on making any profit from this.

Besides writing I'm reading (which writer isn't?). I love all sorts of genres but mainly gothic horror and paranormal historical books. I'm a minimalist so I don't own too many books, but I do love perusing through the dusty stacks of a used book store (besides the sneezing of course). I also have a huge interest in antiques, traveling, and history which I discuss more on the blog. Arizona is where I reside.

Now onto my mission statement, shall we?


What I Write

To be technical I write under the sub-genre of Quiet Horror. It's the whispers in the cold night, the mystery of what's in the dark, and the sad look the characters have in their eyes.

I write characters who, during the story, bloom into the best versions of themselves through their darkest times. Most of my endings have emotional tight and sometimes sad tone endings. 

Who I Write For

I write for the curious. The ones interested in the possibility of what could possibly be behind that door or in that person's lab of secrets. The ones who have got to keep turning the pages late into the night to solve their questions. The ones who try to get their hands on anything gothic and creaking in the night.

Why You Should Read Them

To satisfy your quenching soul of all things dark and gothic. To set your wandering soul off onto a journey of scratching branches, crowing ravens, and deep characters that are lost.

Why I Write

I write to quiet my own quenching soul. To settle the flickering films that play off in my head. To release words into the world and free my mind from their demanding voices. I also write to look inwards on what is going on with my brain and my surroundings near me. I write to bloom.

🌺 So, together, let's bloom in the darkness. 🌺

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